O'ju: zumos cold press orgánicos

Success story: O’ju, organic Cold Press juices in Paris



What is O’ju?

O’ju is a company which produces and distributes fruit and vegetables juices with organic certification within the Paris region. The business defines itself as offering fresh organic Cold Press juices (without any kind of HPP treatment).


How was the business born?

The company was born with the objective of responding to two issues:

  • How to give our bodies all the essential benefits of vitamins and minerals it needs.
  • How to succeed in motivating children and young people to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.

For O’ju, the answer to these issues lies in making cold pressed juice consumption a habit. As such, O’ju exists to bring Cold Press Juices to Parisian families.


What were the challenges of the project?

Like any Cold Press start-up (O’ju began operations in April 2017), the main challenge of the project was to optimise the Cold Press juice production rhythms as much as possible to achieve rapid profitability.

O’ju needed a machine capable of extracting the maximum juice out of the 30 varieties of fruit and vegetables it uses in its recipes. In that sense, the automated programs of Zumex Mastery have meant an important competitive advantage, as the machine adapts its properties to each type of fruit, optimising its performance. At the same time, these programs have allowed the team to gain autonomy, since they can work on other tasks while the pressing is underway.


Mastery Control Panel


The quality of the juice in a setting of such competitive activity as the Paris Region was another aspect which the O’ju team was concerned about. In this sense, thanks to Mastery’s 3 filtration bag modes, the juices can acquire different textures depending on the effect desired. This has allowed our customer to have a rich set of tastes and textures at their command; a juice with great properties for their customers to enjoy.


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What is O’jus Cold Press business model?

O’ju is characterised by the careful selection of raw material (of organic origin), as well as by its commitment to local and seasonal produce.

Its activity is focused on direct sale to individuals through its online shop: www.oju.fr/boutique. Specifically, its website offers packets of juice by individual order or subscription, for detoxification treatments or as the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle.


O'ju juices offer


The company also distributes fresh juice to organic shops, restaurants and cafés in the Paris Region. In total, juices are prepared with 12 different recipes, containing between 5 and 9 different ingredients.

At the same time, the company is committed to the circular economy approach, which is why the juice bottling follows two formats: 33 cl recyclable and reusable glass bottles; and 25 cl biodegradable vegetable bottles.


We have been using the Zumex Mastery cold press machine for more than a year and are extremely satisfied with its operation.

Handling Mastery is very simple and functional. Moreover, it is a compact and powerful machine. We currently produce hundreds of litres of juice per week, with a growing trend in accordance with our capacities and equipment available.

For us, Zumex is a trusted partner. Their team attend and respond to any question as soon as possible. We do not hesitate to recommend Mastery to anyone who is starting out in the cold pressed juice business.

Vera Dimitrova, co-founder

Véra Dimitrova, co-founder of O’ju Cold Pressed Juicery


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Cover photo by Cecile Muzard.